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Received genuine hip replacement patients so I think now google ads is working. They searched hip replacement on google and came here & Also IVF patients, Keep it up

Dr.Tanveer Bhutan

Doctor , evahospital.in

Vishnu is handling my google ads & facebook ads from 2018 i always recommend for FB & Google ads services.


Director , cleverfoxpublishing.com

Vishnu is best in AdWords & Fb he is working for me & my clients also.

Rati Bawa

Director , atijewels.com

Vishnu made huge improvements in our advertising allowing us to reach our advertising potential. I highly recommend Vishnu Tiwari for Google Ads.


Director , flyexpress.in

Big improvement in Quality & now my Google ads budget decreases almost 55% I always give him a free hand for the budget but he uses it very carefully, Vishnu is the best in Google Ads.


Director , hearsolution.in

Vishnu has been an awesome help to Parmanand College of Fire Engineering & Safety management for the last few months. My College has been able to completely hand off our online marketing to him and we’ve seen really solid results! He is also very easy to communicate with and very professional. He gets my endorsement!


Director , pcfsm.org

Vishnu is excellent in Google ads for Altus Knowledge He took the time to understand all the different businesses we were involved in and was flexible to fit our needs. amazing results.



Director , altusknowledge.co.in

We have been working with Vishnu for several months and it has been a great investment.His work has had a great impact on my business.

Er. Rajesh Kumar

Founder , engineersinstitute.com

I have started working with Vishnu since last couple of months. Till now I have found them to be professional, insightful and extremely talented in the areas of Google & FB ads, Good results by Vishnu & his team.


CEO, www.twistedtiffin.com (Pune)

Ads Expert has been designing, updating and doing google ads for dejavumakeup.com .Overall excellent experience with Vishnu Tiwari.Worth paying money..Vishnu is always available to help and guide whenever needed.


Owner, www.dejavumakeup.com (Bangalore)

We see a nice improvements on metrics such as, CPA, impression share and general number of inquiries , please keep the good work going.


CEO, www.bonito.in (Bengaluru)

I think now all are getting well optimized day by day and improving.


Owner, Ridaex Store (www.ridaex.store)

It has been a pleasure working with you good improvement in leads .Vishnu continue good work smile


Founder, www.myhappyjourney.com (Bengaluru)

Extremely happy with google adwords & facebook advertising & web designing services, really appreciate his commitment & results.

Mansi Telang

Founder, www.cafunesalon.com (Mumbai)

There is great satisfaction in Google adwords , he proof himself as a true adwords certified expert.Now I am getting 8 to 10 leads every day

Shweta Jain

Founder, www.urbancruise.in (Mumbai)

Brilliant! By implementing the ideas and suggestions from the Vishnu PPC  services  we have reduced our CPA  costs by 17 % and increase  70% Lead volume. Now  I will have an understanding of what I need and what is achievable now he is handling my PPC client & lovevda.nl is one of them. Thanks again!”

Remco Verhoef

Founder, dutchsec.nl & Co-Founder at myjour.com (Netherlands)

Thanks to Vishnu, we got amazing increase in our conversions in the very first month . He knows what sells and how. We are happy to hire him. Definitely recommended because he improve my conversion rate .

Rajesh Sharma

Owner, SpasCanada.com (Canada)

At Live Vaastu, we were looking to reach people on the web who were looking for vastu services and products. Prior to this, our web presence was nil. With Vishnu, we realized the potential of attracting customers online.Vishnu has helped with a focused approach towards online campaign management and has helped increase our business grow by 200%. Not only that, their continuous efforts are helping us deliver more ROI per rupee spent. Now He is handling my whole digital marketing work.

Puneet Chawala

Owner, Livevaastu.com (Faridabad)

I have been using Vishnu for 4 years now, The reason I continue to use Vishnu is that I have never worked with a researcher that has more insight into customer behavior, regardless of the category. I have worked with many large Digital marketing  agencies but have yet to witness better service than with Vishnu.

Namit Bhardwaj

Director, Oranz.com (New Delhi)

After a long  searching for a google addwords & Bing  professional and trying so many  different companies & PPC expert  who have not much knowledge or people who are trying to trick you into long term campaigns that don’t work or tying you into trickery type campaigns that force you to be tied into using them.

I then found Vishnu, this guy is an absolute legend and a man of his word. He put together a campaign that has improved 25% leads and decrease Costing by 45 %. Great job and all I can say is thank Vishnu. Now all my company….. If you are considering Vishnu to manage your account, my advice is to definitely go for it, I guarantee, you will not be disappointed.”


Founder, indiatripplanners.in

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